1 CL Video Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 IS: present sentences 01-05: She is rich. She is happy. She is 13 years old. She is named María. She is going to the store.

Lesson 12 1 CL 16-20: music, busy / occupied, web page, game / match, movie / film…música, ocupado, la página web, partido, película

Lesson 13 JUGAR (to play) PRESENT FORMS: juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, juegan… play, plays.

Lesson 14 Sents. 233-236: When do you play tennis? I play tennis at 4:10 in the afternool. Are you going to read the book? Yes, I am going to read the book.

Lesson 15 intro 49-52: What do you like to do? I like to dance. What do you not like to do? I do not like to sing.

Lesson 16 1 CL 21-25: program, internet, reunion, television, cell phone….. programa, red, reunion, televisión, teléfono cellular.

Lesson 17 1 sents 161-164: What is the weather like in the summer? In the summer, it is hot and it is sunny. What is Patricia going to do tomorrow? Patricia is going to eat with Miguel tomorrow.

Lesson 18 1 sents 33-36: What is your car like? My car is old and ugly. Are you going to study today? Yes, I am going to study with Pepe.

Lesson 19 1 CL 26-30: time, free time, web site, life, hobby / pastime…..tiempo, tiempo libre, el sitio web, vida, pasatiempo.

Lesson 20 1 Sents. 145-148: What are Consuelo and Ana going to eat? They are going to eat watermelon. What does your brother want to eat? My brother wants to eat a salad.