1 CL Video Lessons 21-30

Lesson 21 Intro. 77-80: What is his name? His name is Carlos. Does María study with Felipe? Yes, María studies with Felipe.

Lesson 22 1 CL 31-35: banana, steak, broccoli, onion, chocolate…..banana, el bistec, el borocoi, cebolla, chocolate.

Lesson 23 HACER (to make, to do) PRESENT FORMS: hago, haces, hace, hacemos, hacen….. make, makes.

Lesson 24 HACER PRESENT SENTS: Jesús and Juanito do their homework. Angelo does not do his homework. I do a lot of work with my brothers. Dolores and I always do a good job.

Lesson 25 1 Sents. 65-68: What do you do with your friends? My friends and I play tennis. Do you use a pencil or a pen? I use a pencil.

Lesson 26 1 CL 36-40: for dessert, strawberry, fruit, hamburger, egg…..de postre, fresa, fruta, hamburguesa, huevo.

Lesson 27 1 Sents 73-76: Who is your best friend? My best friend is Julio. What do you do in the library? I study in the library.

Lesson 28 1 sents. 53-56: What is your cat like? My cat is small and white. What do your friends do in the summer? My friends swim and play soccer.

Lesson 29 1 CL 41-45: ham, lettuce, corn, melon, food…..el jamón, lechuga, el maiz, melon, comida.

Lesson 30 PEDIR (to ask for) PRESENT FORMS: pido, pides, pide, pedimos, piden….. ask for, request, asks for, requests.