1 CL Video Lessons 51-60

Lesson 51 1 CL 71-75: to eat dinner, to eat, to eat breakfast, to send, to call…..cenar, comer, desayunar, enviar, llamar.

Lesson 52 TIME…AT __O’CLOCK: At 2:00. At 5:00. At 9:00. At 1:00….. A las dos. A las cinco. A las nueve. A la una.

Lesson 53 1 sents 13-16: Who do you eat lunch with? I eat lunch with Paco and Anita. What is the name of your favorite singer? My favorite singer’s name is Eric Clapton.

Lesson 54 VIVIR present sents: Consuelo and Ana live in a big house. Benito lives in a red house. Raul and I live in the white house. I live in the green house.

Lesson 55 FOOD 01-05: breakfast, lunch, dinner, sugar, salt…..desayuno, almuerzo, cena, el azucar, la sal.

Lesson 56 WOULD LIKE vs LIKE: I like to sing. I would like to sing. You like to sing. Would you like to sing?

Lesson 57 FOOD 06-10: meat, bread, water, a drink, coffee…..la carne, el pan, el agua, la bebida, el café.

Lesson 58 1 sents 85-88: We are able to sing. The books are very big. Juan is sports-minded and talented. Lola is tired today.

Lesson 59 FOOD 11-15: apple, honey, milk, candy / sweet, plate…..manzana, la miel, la leche, el dulce, plato.

Lesson 60 FOOD 16-20: cheese, cookie, orange, ice-cream, food…..queso, galleta, naranja, helado, comida.