1 CL Video Lessons 61-65

Lesson 61 FOOD 21-25: desert, ham, salad, tomato, rice…..el postre, el jamón, ensalada, el tomate, el arroz.

Lesson 62 1 sents 05-08: In the fall, the trees are pretty. Many girls live here. Do you play soccer? Yes, I play soccer.

Lesson 63 FOOD 26-30: fork, butter, napkin, beans, knife…..el tenedor, mantequilla, servilleta, los frijoles, cuchillo.

Lesson 64 1 sents 109-112: What do your friends eat? My friends eat hamburgers. Are you going to study today? Yes, I am going to study today.

Lesson 65 1 CL 76-80: to send / to command / to order, to leave, to follow / to continue, to consume, to see….. mandar, salir, seguir, tomar, ver.