C L Video Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 1 CL 01-05: the dance, band, the channel, the song, grounded…..el baile, banda, el canal, la cancion, castigado

Lesson 2 TENER (to have) PRESENT FORMS: tengo, tienes, tiene, tenemos, tienen,…..have, has.

Lesson 3 HAVE vs. HAVE TO present sents: I have a taco. I have to eat. She has a book. She has to study.

Lesson 4 Intro. 17 20: In the Spring, it rains. In the Summer, it is hot. In the Winter, it snows. What is the weather like in the fall?

Lesson 5 1 CL 06-10: date / appointment, concert, money, on-line party,….cita, concierto, dinero, en-linea, fiesta

Lesson 6 IR (to go) PRESENT FORMS: voy, vas, va, vamos, van, go, goes.

Lesson 7 IR (to go) present sentences: We go to the store. I go to her house. she goes to my house. Paco and María go to many parties.

Lesson 8 intro 33-36: What type of hair do you have? I have long and pretty hair. I have short hair. I like my hair.

Lesson 9 1 CL 11-15: weekend, hour / time, internet, text message, cellphone…..el fin de semana, hora, el internet, el mensaje de text, el movil

Lessson 10 GO vs. GOING TO: I go with Ana. I am going to sing with Ana. Enriqu3e and Elena go with the boys. Enrique and Ana are going to study with the boys.