1 PPI Video Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 1 PPI 16-20: fun, studious, favorite, ugly, thin / slender…..divertido, estudioso, favorito, feo, flaco.

Lesson 12 1 PPI 21-25: funny, good looking, handsome, intelligent, young…..gracioso, guapo, inteligente, interesante, joven.

Lesson 13 AR VERBS part 2: to dance, to work, to speak / to talk.

Lesson 14 1 PPI 26-30: long, large, cute, pretty, average, normal, preferred…..largo, grande, linda, medio, normal, preferido.

Lesson 15 1 PPI 31-35: reserved, shy, nice, sociable, timid, shy, typical…..reservado, simpatico, sociable, tímido, típico.

Lesson 16 PRONOUNS singular subject: I, YOU, HE, SHE, YOU SIR, YOU MA’AM….. Yo, Tú, Él, Ella, Usted / Ud.

Lesson 17 INTRO 53-56: I speak Spanish. You speak Spanish. He speaks Spanish. She speaks Spanish.

Lesson 18 1 PPI 36-40: stupid, foolish, hard working, green, old, year….. tonto, trabajador, verde, Viejo, año.

Lesson 19 PRONOUNS plural subject: we, they, you guys / you all….. nosotros, nosotras, ellos, ellas, ustedes.

Lesson 20 INTRO 57-60: We (boys) speak Spanish. We (girls) speak Spanish. They (boys) speak Spanish. They (girls) speak Spansih.