1 PPI Video Lessons 31-40

Lesson 31 The Tall Short part 2: the tall boys, the tall girls, the short girls, the short boy.

Lesson 32 1 PPI 61-65: soccer, football, player, wrestling, swimming….. fútbol, fútbol americano, jugador / jugadora, lucha libre, natación.

Lesson 33 COMER in the PRESENT TENSE: fun introduction clip with PIRATE PETE.

Lesson 34 Intro Sentences 88-92: COMER, I eat. You (friend) eat. He eats. She eats.

Lesson 35 ADJECTIVES that SHORTEN: uno, Bueno, malo.

Lesson 36 1 PPI 66-70: friendly, nose, sad, girlfriend, man…..amable, la nariz, triste, novia, el hombre.

Lesson 37 Question WORDS: who, what, when, where, why, how, how many…..quién, qué, cuándo, dónde, por qué, cómo, cuánto(s) / cuánt(a)s.

Lesson 38 THE GOOD BAD part 1: The good boys work. the bad boy talks. the handsome boys sing. The tall boy dances.

Lesson 39 1 PPI 71-75: the woman, to play videogames, but, dog, strong, intelligent….. la mujer, jugar videojuegos, pero, perro, fuerte, inteliegent.

Lesson 40 WORD ORDER in QUESTIONS: How are you? When do you eat tacos? Where does Paco live? Why do Ana and Felipe study?