PPI Video Lessons 41-50

Lesson 41 Questions: Word order

Lesson 42 hello, good morning, good day, good afternoon, good night, good evening,

Lesson 43 alto, tall, cantar, to sing, bien, well, bajo, short, bailar, to dance, tambien, also, too, hablar, to speak, to talk, espanol, spanish, estudiar, to study

Lesson 44 I am, er verbs, present tense verbs, irregular verbs, soy, eres, es, somos, son, y verbs

Lesson 45 me llamo, my name is, ser, soy, bajo, short, mano,hand, hablar, to speak, hablo, I speak, a paragraph about myself

Lesson 46 days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, lunes, martes, miercoles, jueves, viernes, sabado, domingo

Lesson 47 ser, soy, bueno, buen, good, alto, tall, good

Lesson 48 friendly, fat, pretty, funny, slender, thin, amable, gordo, bonita, gracioso, delgado

Lesson 49 alto, tall, ser, to be, bonito, pretty, bajo, short, inteligente, smart, intelligent, de, of, from, bailar, to dance, bien, well

Lesson 50 fuerte, INCR., débil, exitoso, pelo rubio, pelo moreno, STRONG, WEAK, SUCCESSFUL, BLOND HAIR, DARK HAIR