1 PPI Video Lessons 51-60

Lesson 51 WEATHER: it is hot, it is cold, it is sunny, it is windy, it is raining, it is snowing….. hace calor, hace frío, hace sol, hace viento, llueve, nieva.

Lesson 52 SER or ESTAR: is, am, are, you must use ser or estar. LOCATION and FEELILNG are always ESTAR… everything else is SER.

Lesson 53 SEASONS: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall….. primavera, Verano, invierno, otoño.

Lesson 54 GUSTAR (I / you friend with verbs): I like to sing. I do not like to sing. You (friend) like to dance. You (friend) do not like to dance.

Lesson 55 THE UGLY HANDSOME part 1: I am the ugly boy. We are the handsome boys. Lupe is the nice girl. They are the slender girls.

Lesson 56 SPORTS 01-05: to play sports, player, to swim, swimmer, sport….. jugar, jugador, nadar, nadador, deporte.

Lesson 57 JUGAR (to play) PRESENT FORMS: juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, juegan…..play, plays.

Lesson 58 intro 81-84: Do you play soccer? Yes, I play soccer. Does Enrique play baseball? Yes, Enrique plays baseball.

Lesson 59 TENER PESENT FORMS: tengo, tienes, tiene, temenos, tienen,…..have, has.

Lesson 60 intro 33-36: What type of hair do you have? I have long and pretty hair. I have short hair. I like my hair.