PPI Video Lessons 51-60

Lesson 51 hacer, hace, calor, frio, sol, viento, llueve, nieva, lover, nevar, present, weather in Spanish, weather in espanol. que tiempo hace hoy? what is the weather like today?

Lesson 52 IS, AM, ARE, to be, present tense, location and feeling are always estar, everything else is ser, the two words for to be in Spanish, do I use ser or estar

Lesson 53 Seasons: primavera, invierno, otoño, Verano, SPRING, SUMMER, WINTER, FALL, AUTUMN, ESTACIONES

Lesson 54 Gustar: me gusta, te gusta,it is pleasing to me, it is pleasing to you, cantar, to sing, bailar, to dance

Lesson 55 The Ugly Handsome (1), ser, soy, feo, ugly, simpatico, nice, delgado, slender

Lesson 56 jugar, el jugador, nadar, el nadador, el deportee,to play sports, the player, to swim, the swimmer, the sport

Lesson 57 Jugar: to play, stem changing verb, u ue, juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, juegan, I play

Lesson 58 Intro Sentences 81-84, jugar, to play, futbol, soccer, beisbol, basball, al, I play

Lesson 59 I have, er verbs, present tense verbs, irregular verbs, g verbs, sinking verbs, tengo, tienes, tiene, tiene, tenemos, tienen

Lesson 60 Intro Sentences 33-36, que, what, tipo, type, de, of, pelo, hair, tener, to have, largo, long, corto, sort, gustar, me gusta, mi, my