1 F & C Video Lessons 1 – 10

Lesson 1 1 FC 01-05: baby, parents, relative, nephew…..bebé, padres, parientes, sobrino.

Lesson 2 SER present forms: soy, eres, es, somos, son…..is, am, are.

Lesson 3 intro 69-72: The tall girls are pretty. The short boys are smart. We are from Missouri. Anita and I dance well.

Lesson 4 1 FC 06-10: married, divorced, poor, matrimony, marriage, single….. casado, divorciado, pobre, matrimonio, soltero.

Lesson 5 Intro 05-08: Where are you from? I am from Missouri. Good bye… see you later. Good morning.

Lesson 6 ESTAR PRESENT FORMS: estoy, estás, está, estamos, están….. is, am, are.

Lesson 7 1 FC 11-15: adult, apartament, wedding, high school, only child…..adulto, apartamento, boda, colegio, un hijo único.

Lesson 8 ESTAR present sents: Pablo and Juan are in the bank. I am in the pool. Consuelo and I are at the party. Felipe is in Perú.

Lesson 9 1 FC 16-20: rich, pet, boy, child, boyfriend,…..rico, mascota, muchacho, chico, nino, novio

Lesson 10 intro 121 -124: My cats are stupid. His dogs are big and white. My house is in Kentucky. I am sad today.