1 F & C Video Lessons 16-20

Lesson 16 1 FC 21-25: professor, teacher, personal…..profesor, profesora, maestra, maestro, personal.

Lesson 12 QUERER (to want) PRESENT FORMS: quiero, quieres, quiere, queremos, quieren…..want, wants.

Lesson 13 QUERER (to want) present sents: I want a good book. I want to read a good book. The boys want the tacos. The boys want to eat.

Lesson 14 FAMILY 01-05: mother, father, son, brother, aunt…..madre, mamá, padre, papá, hijo, hermano, tía.

Lesson 15 FAMILY 06-10: cousin, relative, husband, wife, spouse, grandmother…..primo, pariente, marido, esposa, abuela.

Lesson 16 TENER (to have) PRESENT FORMS: tengo, tienes, tiene, temenos, tienen, have, has.

Lesson 17 1 FC 11-15: grandson, stepdad, stepmother, stepbrother, godfather….. nieto, padrastro, madrastra, hermanastro, padrino.

Lesson 18 intro 37-40: What type of eyes do you have? I have big eyes. My eyes are blue. My eyes are small and pretty.

Lesson 19 PEOPLE NOUNS 01-05: man, hungry, Woman, person, people, student….. hombre, hambre, mujer, persona, gente, estudiante.

Lesson 20 COMER (to eat) present forms: como, comes, come, comemos, comen…..eat, eats.