1 F & C Video Lessons 41-50

Lesson 41 TIME IT IS… O’CLOCK: it is 2:00, it is 5:00. it is 9:00. it is 1:00, son las dos, son las cinco, son las nueve, es la una.

Lesson 42 1 FC exam prep 17-20: What is your neighborhood like? My neighborhood is big and pretty. What do you like about your neighborhood? I like my neighborhood because there is a pool.

Lesson 43 QUESTION WORDS: who, what, when, where, why, how, how many, quién, qué, por qué, cuándo, cuánto, dónde, cómo

Lesson 44 1 FC exam prep 21-24: What is there in your neighborhood? In my neighborhood there are many houses and there is a pool. Where do your grandparents live? My grandparents live in Florida.

Lesson 45 IR (to go) PRESENT FORMS: voy, vas, va, vamos, van…..go, goes.

Lesson 46 IR (to go) present sents: We go to the store. I go to her house. she goes to my house. Paco and María go to many parties.

Lesson 47 1 FC exam prep 29-32: Do you like your uncle? Yes, I like my uncle. Do you have many relatives? I don’t have many relatives.

Lesson 48 GO vs. GOING TO: I go with Ana. I am going to sing with Ana. Enrique and I go with the boys. Enrique and I are going to study with the boys.

Lesson 49 1 FC exam prep 33-36: Is there a dog in your family? Yes, there is a dog in my family. What is your cat like? My cat is big and fat.

Lesson 50 FC exam prep 37-40: The girls are happy (content). The girls are tall. I am 13 years old. She is 14 years old.