1 F & C Video Lessons 51-60

Lesson 51 1 FC exam prep 41-44: Today is Monday. I like to sing. She is a good girl. He is a bad boy.

Lesson 52 PODER (to be able) PRESENT FORMS: puedo, puedes, puede, Podemos, pueden….. can.

Lesson 53 PODER present sents: I am able to go to the party. Ángela and I can study together. Antonio nad Pedro can eat here. You can help.

Lesson 54 1 Sents. 249-252: Do you go to a church? Yes, every Sunday, I go to church. What is your grandmother’s name? My grandmother’s name is Guadalupe.

Lesson 55 1 FC exam prep 45-48: How is Paco today? Paco is happy today. Do you sing well? No, I do not sing well.

Lesson 56 1 FC exam prep 49-52: How old are you? I am 15 years old. Who is your brother? Mike is my brother.

Lesson 57 PODER present sents (my brother): My brother is able to eat at 5:00. They can work today. I am able to dance. We can talk now.

Lesson 58 1 FC exam prep 53-56: What do yo like to do? I like to sing. What do you drink? I drink water.

Lesson 59 1 FC exam prep 57-60: When do you eat? I eat at 12:00. Where does María live? María lives in Chicago.

Lesson 60 A PARAGRAPH ABOUT A BOY: His name is Mario. He is 15 years old. He is tall and rich. He sings with his friends. He speaks Spanish very well.