1 F & C Video Lessons 61-69

Lesson 61 PRONOUNS SUBJECT talking TO Paco or ABOUT PACO: Paco speaks Spanish very well. Paco, you speak Spanish very well. Guadalupe has pretty hair. Guadalupe, you have pretty hair.

Lesson 62 1 Sents. 169-172: What is Juan’s house like? Juan’s house is small and red. Does Andrés like to sing? Yes, Andrés likes to sing.

Lesson 63 Intro. 73-76: She is a short girl. He is a tall boy. María is a good girl. Paco is a bad boy.

Lesson 64 THE UGLY HANDSOME part 1: I am the ugly boy. We are the handsome boys. Lupe is the nice girl. They are the slender girls.

Lesson 65 A PARAGRAPH ABOUT A GIRL: Her name is Anita. She is 12. She is tall and rich. She sings with her friends. She speaks Spanish very well.

Lesson 66 THE TALL GOOD part 3: We are the tall girls. She is the pretty girl. They are the short boys. Paco is the bad boy.

Lesson 67 Intro. 21-24: What is your teacher like? My teacher is tall. Do you have a pen? Yes, I have a pen.

Lesson 68 Intro. 49-52: What do you like to do? I like to dance. What do you not like to do? I do not like to sing.

Lesson 69 THE RICH BAD part 1: Anita is the rich girl. I am the bad boy. We are the funny girls. They are the fat boys.