1 B & A Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 1 BA 01-05: blouse, socks, t-shirt, jeans, shorts…..blusa, calcetines, camiseta, pantalones cortos.

Lesson 2 POODER (to be able) PRESENT FORMS: puedo, puedes, puede, Podemos, pueden….. can, able to.

Lesson 3 1 sents 85-88: We are able to sing. The books are vey big. Juan is sports-minded and talented. Lola is tired today.

Lesson 4 1 BA 06-10: sandals, sweatshirt, sweater, ring, glasses…..sandalias, sudadera, el suéter, anillo, anteojos.

Lesson 5 1 sents 89-92: There are many girls here. There are as many boys as girls. They are happy. They are smart.

Lesson 6 1 BA 11-15: earrings, purse / bag, scarf, necklace, glasses…..los aretes, bolso, bolsa, bufanda, el collar, gafas.

Lesson 7 GUSTAR ( I with nouns): I like the house. I do not like the house. I like the houses. I do not like the houses.

Lesson 8 1 BA 16-20: cap / hat, jewelry, bracelet, yellow, orange…..gorra, joyas, pulsera, amarillo, anaranjado, naranja.

Lesson 9 QUERER (to want) PRESENT FORMS: quiero, quieres, quiere, queremos, quieren….. want, wants.

Lesson 10 QUERER (to want) PRESENT SENTS: I want a good book. I want to read a good book. The boys want tacos. The boys want to eat.