1 B & A Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 1 BA 21-25: blue, white, brown, color, gray…..azul, blanco, café, el color, gris.

Lesson 12 GUSTAR (you friend… nouns): You like the house. You do not like the house. You like the houses. You do not like the houses.

Lesson 13 1 BA 26-20: brown, purple, black, red, pink….. marron, morado, negro, rojo, Rosado.

Lesson 14 Sents. 109-112: What do your friends eat? My friends eat hamburgers. Are you going to study today? No, I am not going to study today.

Lesson 15 1 BA 31-35: green, neck, body, toes, lips,…..verde, cuello, cuerpo, deditos, labios.

Lesson 16 CLOTHING: sents 01-O5: I like the red sweater. She has a big hat. At the beach, I wear a swimsuit. You like the green shirts. She has a very pretty dress.

Lesson 17 1 BA 36-40: ears, skin, actor, actress, ad…..orejas, piel, actor, actriz, anucio.

Lesson 18 CLOTHING sents 06-10: She has a short skirt. I wear black shoes. When it is hot, Victor wears sandals. Claudia has a pretty necklace. When it is sunny, I use sun glasses.

Lesson 19 1 BA 41-45: athlete, beautiful, singer, celebrity, in fashion / fashionable….. atleta, bello, cantante, celebridad, de moda.

Lesson 20 CLOTHING: sents 11-15: We wear short pants when it is hot. Anita has to wear a skirt. She wants a new belt. When it is windy, I wear a jacket. I like my new ring.