1 B & A Lessons 21-30

Lesson 21 1 BA 46-50: famous, handsome, brand, fashion, model….. famoso, guapo, marca, moda, modelo.

Lesson 22 CLOTHING: sents 16-20: I like to wear jeans. She has a very pretty bracelet. Corina is going to wear a white blouse. Pedro has a blue suit. When he works, Timoteo always wears boots.

Lesson 23 1 BA 51-55: magazine, to buy, to cost, to return, to go shopping…..revista, comprar, costar, devolver, ir de compras.

Lesson 24 CLOTHING sents 21-24: She has a new cap. I like the yellow shirts. The girls wear long dresses. I have ugly shoes.

Lesson 25 1 BA 56-60: to wear / to bring / to take / to carry, to seem, to be worth, to sell, bargain….. llevar, parecer, valer, vender, ganga.

Lesson 26 CLOTHING sents 25-28: I am going to wear blue pants. Do you like the green shirts? She needs white shoes. We always wear short pants.

Lesson 27 CLOTHING 01-05: pants, shoes, belt, suit, dress….. pantalones, zapatos, cinturón, traje, vestido.

Lesson 28 CLOTHING: sents 29-32: She needs a new belt. He has to wear a coat today. She is going to look for the white jacket. She wears pretty necklaces.

Lesson 29 CLOTHING: skirt, tie, sleeve, boots, shirt….. falda, corbata, manga, botas, camisa.

Lesson 30 CLOTHING 11-15: glove, coat, jacket, clothing, hat….. el guante, abrigo, chaqueta, ropa, sombrero.