1 GC Video Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 1 GC 01-05: air, water, trash, bottle, contamination / pollution….. aire, agua, basura, botella, contaminación.

Lesson 2 1 sents 245-248: Where is your stepfather from? My stepfather is from Ohio. What are your sisters like? My sisters are very smart.

Lesson 3 1 GC 06-10: energy, electricity, ecological, fire, forest fire….. energía, electricidad, ecológico, fuego, incendio.

Lesson 4 ING: INTRO (present progressive): FUN version.

Lesson 5 ING (AR VERBS): I am talking. She is dancing. They are working. You are singing.

Lesson 6 1 GC 11-15: flood, can, environment, metal, nature….. la inundación, lata, el medioambiente, el metal, naturaleza.

Lesson 7 PODER (to be able) PRESENT FORMS: puedo, puedes, puede, Podemos, pueden…. can, able to.

Lesson 8 sents 181-184: Can you sing well? I can not sing well. Is she studying now? Yes, she is studying now.

Lesson 9 1 GC 116-20: ocean, paper, plastic, plant, to recycle….. océano, el papel, plástico, planta, reciclar.

Lesson 10 ESTAR present forms: estoy, estás, está, estamos, están….. is, am, are.