1 GC Video Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 1 sents 01-04: His houses and in St. Louis. The shirt and the pants are green. I don’t like to sing at all. I am talking.

Lesson 12 1 GC 21-25: jungle, land / earth, earthquake, tornado, glass….. selva, tierra, terremoto, tornado, vidrio.

Lesson 13 ING: ER and IR VERBS: I am eating tacos. She is drinking water. They are living here. We are living in México.

Lesson 14 1 GC 26-31: it is cloudy, it is warm, it is cool, temperature, wather, storm….. está nublado, hace calentito, hace fresco, temperatura, tiempo, tormenta.

Lesson 15 1 sents 49-52: He is eating tacos with his brother. They are dancing now. Paco, what are you going to do today? I am going to eat three tacos.

Lesson 16 NATURE 01-05: river, sun, ocean / sea, tree, countryside….. río, el sol, el mar, el árbol, campo.

Lesson 17 GUSTAR (HE, SHE… with NOUNS): He likes the house. He likes the houses. She likes the house. She likes the houses.

Lesson 18 2 sents 121-124: What is your house like? My house is big and white. Who is taller, you or your best friend? I am taller than my best friend.

Lesson 19 NATURE 06-10: forest, flower, mountain, island, sky / heaven….. bosque, flor, montana, isla, cielo.

Lesson 20 COMPARISONS PART 1 – sents: Paco is taller than María. The boys are less intelligent than the girls. She is as pretty as her sisters. The rich girl has as many houses as Bill Gates.