1 S&T Video Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 1 ST 21-25: social networking, web site, tabet, keyboard, technology….. las redes sociales, el sitio web, tableta, teclado, tecnología.

Lesson 12 1 ST 26-30: cellphone / mobil phone, video, slow, slowly, to turn off….. el teléfono celular, video, lento, despacio, apagar.

Lesson 13 1 sents 245-248: Where is your stepfather from? My stepfather is from Ohio. What are your sisters like? My sisters are very smart.

Lesson 14 1 ST 31-35: to research, to charge / to load, to chat, to send….. buscar información, cargar, charlar, chatear, enviar.

Lesson 15 HACER (to make, to do) PRESENT FORMS: hago, haces, hace, hacemos, hacen….. make, makes, do, does.

Lesson 16 HACER present sents (Jesús): Jesús and Juanito do their homework, Angelo does not do his homework. I do a lot of work with my brothers. Dolores and I always do a good job.

Lesson 17 1 ST 36-40: to function, to click to print, to send, to surf (the internet)…..funcionar, hacer un click, imprimir, mandar, navegar.

Lesson 18 TIME: HALF PAST and QUARTER AFTER: It is 2:15. It is quarter after two. It is 2:30. It is half past two.

Lesson 19 1 ST 41-45: to turn on, to post / to publish, to receive, to continue / to follow, to ring….. prender, publicar, recibir, seguir, sonar.

Lesson 20 HOY or HAY: Today is Tuesday. What day is today? There is one girl in the car. There are three girls in the car.