1 S&T Video Lessons 21-27

Lesson 21 1 ST 46-50: to use, application, file, fast, quickly…..usar, la aplicación, archivo, rápido, rapidamente.

Lesson 22 OUR (nuestro, nuestros, nuestra, nuestras): our house, our houses, our book, our books.

Lesson 23 1 ST 51-55: to open, to download, to erase, to change/ to load….. abrir, bajar, borrar, cambiar, cargar.

Lesson 24 TIME (till): It is ten till six. It is twenty till eight. At five till eleven. At seven till twelve.

Lesson 25 1 ST 56-60: to close, to share, to communicate, to copy, to download….. cerrar, compartir, comunicar, copiar, descargar.

Lesson 26 HOY vs. DÍA: Today is Tuesday. Today it is raining. What day is today? My favorite day is Saturday.

Lesson 27 1 ST 61-65: to record, to save / to put away, to rob / to steal, to upload / to go up….. grabar, guardar, robar, subir.