2 PPI Video Lessons 11-20.

PPI Lesson 11 2 PPI 06-10: athlete, dancer, waiter….. atleta, bailarín bailarina, camarero, mesero.

PPI Lesson 12 intro 69-72: The tall girls are pretty. The short boys are smart. We are from Missouri. Anita and I dance well.

PPI Lesson 13 2 PPI 11-15: cashier, cook, soccer player, gymnast, player….. cajero, cocinero, cocinar, gimnasta, jugadora.

PPI Lesson 14 ACCENTS 1: If it ends in a VOWEL, an N or an S, the next to last vowel get stressed.

PPI Lesson 15 ACCENTS 2… LIZARD: If it ends in L, Z, R or D….. the very last vowel gets stressed.

PPI Lesson 16 ACCENTS…WHY do we have them, WHAT do they DO?: The three reasons.

PPI Lesson 17 UNO, BUENO, MALO…before nouns: better, best, bad, worse: mejor, el mejor, peor, el peor.

PPI Lesson 18 intro 73-76: She is a short girl. He is a tall boy. María is a good girl. Paco is a bad boy.

PPI Lesson 19 2 PPI 16-20: bully, musician, waiter, swimmer, babysitter….. matón, música, mesero, nadadora, niñera.

PPI Lesson 20 THE UGLY HANDSOME part 1: I am the ugly boy. We are the handsome boys. Lupe is the nice girl. They are the slender girls.