2 PPI Video Lessons 31-40.

PPI Lesson 31 COMER present sents: I eat many tacos. Ángela and Jesús always eat my burritos. Carlos and I eat apples. The tall girl eats cheese.

PPI Lesson 32 2 PPI 36-40: strange, liar, honest, organized / tidy….. extraño, mentiroso, honesto, ordenado, organizado.

PPI Lesson 33 O, AS, A: Adjective Endings and Verb Endings.

PPI Lesson 34 VIVIR (to live) present forms: vivo, vives, vive, vivimos, viven….. live, lives.

PPI Lesson 35 2 PPI 41-45: lazy, preoccupied, strange, surprised, talented, unique….. perezoso, preocupado, sorprendido, talentoso, único.

PPI Lesson 36 intro 137-140: I live in a small house. You live in a red house. He lives in a pretty town. She lives in a small town.

PPI Lesson 37 2 PPI 47-50: girlfriend, I am sorry, to be in a bad mood. to be in a good mood….. novia, lo siento, estar de mal humor, estar de buen humor.

PPI Lesson 38 THE TALL GOOD part 3: We are the tall girls. She is the pretty girl. They are the short boys. Paco is the bad boy.

PPI Lesson 39 Weather: it is hot, it is cold, it is sunny, it is windy, it is raining, it is snowing….. hace calor, hace frío, hace sol, hace viento, llueve, nieva.

PPI Lesson 40 2 PPI 51-55: babysitter, man, mischievous, there is / there are, there was / there were….. ninera, el hombre, travieso, hay, había.