2 PPI Video Lessons 51-60.

PPI Lesson 51 PRESENT and IMPERFECT: sents 13-18: She lives in Wisconsin. She was living in Wisconsin. They Play soccer. They always played soccer. I like to play tennis. I liked to play tennis.

PPI Lesson 52 TENER PHRASES (yo forms) 01-05: I am hot. I am cold. I am hungry. I am thirsty. I am afraid.

PPI Lesson 53 JUGAR (to play) present forms: juego, juegas, juega, jugamos, juegan….. play, plays.

PPI Lesson 54 COMER (to eat) imperfect forms: comía, comías, comía, comíamos, comían….. ate.

PPI Lesson 55 Intro. 81-84: Do you play soccer? Yes, I play soccer. does Enrique play soccer? Yes, Enrique plays soccer.

PPI Lesson 56 IS: sents 06-10: It is hot. It is raining. It is snowing. There is a book on the floor. It is 2:00.

PPI Lesson 57 Present to Imperfect: ICE (part 3): era, iba

PPI Lesson 58 WAS sents 01-06: I was tall. I was happy. I was 13 years old. It was 2:00. It was hot. In México my name was Pedro.

PPI Lesson 59 IMPERFECT: sents 05-08: It was hot. The house was big. His house was in México. He always went to Pablo’s housel

PPI Lesson 60 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 01-06: It is hot. It was hot. It is 1:00. It was 1:00. It is 6:00. It was 6:00.