2 PPI Video Lessons 61-70.

PPI Lesson 61 2 PPI EXAM PREP 16-20: I play soccer. As a child, I played soccer. I have to study. I always had to study. When it is hot, I swim.

PPI Lesson 62 PRESENT and IMPERFECT 43-48: My name is Paco. My name was Paquito. I am 14 years old. I was 14 years old. I am able to speak Spanish. I was able to speak Spanish.

PPI Lesson 63 Present to Imperfect: ICE (part 5): accent rules for imperfect past.

PPI Lesson 64 2 PPI sents 01-04: The girls are happy (feliz). The girls were happy. You want to eat the taco. You wanted to eat the taco.

PPI Lesson 65 Present to Imperfect: ICE (part 4): iba vs ía.

PPI Lesson 66 2 PPI sents. 05-08: They are able to sing well. They were able to sing well. I am 17 years old. I was 17 years old.

PPI Lesson 67 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 49-54: I live in Missouri. As a child, I lived in Missouri. I am always happy. As a child, I was always happy. I am short and fat. As a child, I was short and fat.

PPI Lesson 68 2 PPI EXAM PREP 26-30: My sisters were tall. My parents and I live in a brown house. My parents and I lived in a brown house. I eat many tacos. As a child, I ate many tacos.

PPI Lesson 69 2 PPI EXAM PREP 06-10: As a child, I was tall. I am happy. As a child, I was happy. I like to sing. As a child, I liked to sing.

PPI Lesson 70 2 PPI EXAM PREP 21-25: When it is hot, I always swim. I go to a church. As a child, I went to a church. My sisters are tall. My sisters were tall.