2 PPI Video Lessons 71-77.

PPI Lesson 71 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 31-36: His name is Geofredo. His name was Geofredo. He is 9 years old. He was 9 years old. He is taller than his sister. He was taller than his sister.

PPI Lesson 72 WAS sents 07-12: I was talking. They were dancing. She was eating. We were living in México. I always went to the store. I was going to the store.

PPI Lesson 73 2 PPI EXAM PREP 11-15: I like dogs. I liked dogs. I am able to speak well. I was able to speak well. I wanted to eat tacos.

PPI Lesson 74 SABER or CONOCER sents 05-08: I know how to swim. I know the tall girls. He knows the answer. We know (are familiar with) Chicago.

PPI Lesson 75 PRESENT and IMPERFECT: sents 37-42: He likes to sing. As a child, he liked to sing. He plays soccer with his friends. He was playing soccer with his friends. He can dance well. As a child, he could dance well.

PPI Lesson 76 GUSTAR ( I with nouns): I like the house. I do not like the house. I like the houses. I do not like the houses.

PPI Lesson 77 ORDINAL NUMBERS 4th-6th: fourth, fifth, sixth….. cuarto, quinto, sexto.