2 F&C Video Lessons 1-15.

Lesson 1 2 FC 01-05: airport, butchershop, post office, station, stadium…..aeropuerto, carneceria, correo, estación, estadio.

Lesson 2 HABLAR (to talk, to speak) preterite forms: hablé, hablaste, habló, hablamos, hablaron… spoke.

Lesson 3 HABLAR (to talk, to speak) preterite sents: Carlos spoke at 4:00. They talked with Elena. You spoke with Victoria. Yesterday, I talked with Ricardo.

Lesson 4 2 FC 06-10: pharmacy, market, shoestore, bakery, hair salon / hair dresser…..farmacia, mercado, zapateria, zapato, panadería, peluquería.

Lesson 5 BUSCAR (to look for, to search for) preterite forms: busqué, buscaste, buscó, buscamos, buscaron….. looked for.

Lesson 6 LLEGAR (to arrive) preterite forms: llegué, llegaste, llegó. lllegamos, llegaron….. arrived.

Lesson 7 SEASONS

Lesson 8 2 FC 11-15: town square / plaza, supermarket, university, museum, store…..plaza, supermercado, universidad, museo, tienda.

Lesson 9 LLEGAR (TO ARRIVE) preterite sents: He arrived early. Anita and Carlos arrived late. I arrived with Paco. We arrived at 6:00.

Lesson 10 2 FC 16-20: firefighter / fireman, doctor, owner, manager….bombero, doctor, doctora, dueño, gerente.


Lesson 12 ALMORZAR (to eat lunch) preterite forms: almorcé, almorzaste, almorzó, almorzamos, allmorzaron… ate lunch.

Lesson 13 2 FC 21-25: boss, doctor, police officer…..jefe, médico policía.

Lesson 14 ALMORZAR (to eat lunch) preterite sents: Yesterday, he ate lunch. I ate lunch at 11:00. They (girls) ate lunch with the boys. We ate lunch very quickly.

Lesson 15 DAYS…the NEW version: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday….. lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, Viernes, sábado, domingo.