2 F&C Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 2 FC 21-25: boss, doctor, police officer…..jefe, médico policía.

Lesson 12 BUSCAR (to look for, to search for) preterite forms: busqué, buscaste, buscó, buscamos, buscaron….. looked for.

Lesson 13 RECIBIR (to receive) preterite forms: recibí, recibiste, recibió, recibimos, recibieron….. received.

Lesson 14 RECIBIR (to receive) preterite sents: She received the money. I received the gift. We received the news. Guadalupe and Antonio received a lot of attention.

Lesson 15 2 FC 26-30: on foot / by foot, by bus, by plane, by boat, by bicycle….. a pie, en autobús, en avión, en bicicleta, en bic.

Lesson 16 COMER (to eat) preterite forms: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comieron….. ate.

Lesson 17 2 FC 31-35: by car, by metro, by train, to travel, to visit….. en coche, en metro, en tren, viajar, visitor.

Lesson 18 2 FC 36-40: neighborhood (b), community, state, country, neighborhood (v)….. barrio, la comunidad, estado, el país, vecindario.

Lesson 19 2 FC 41-45: licence, responsibioity, permit, to drive (c), to drive (m)….. licencia, la responsabilidad, permiso, conducir, manejar.

Lesson 20 1 FC 01-05: baby, parents, relative, nephew….. bebé, padres, pariente, sobrino.