2 F&C Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 TRAIN WRECK VERBS part 1: how to form 12 very important irregular preterite verbs.

Lesson 32 TENER (to have) preterite sents: Yesterday, I had to study. Paco and Anita had a date. Elena and I had a very difficult exam. You had to speak with Ricardo.

Lesson 33 PONER (to put, to place) present forms: pongo, pones, pone, ponemos, ponen….. put, puts.

Lesson 34 PONER (to put, to place) preterite forms: puse, pusisite, puso, pusimos, pusieron.

Lesson 35 PONER (to put, to place) preterite sents: I put the water in the glass. You put the book here. He put the things in his car. They put the money in Paco’s house.

Lesson 36 DAYS…the NEW version: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday….. lunes, martes, miércoles, jueves, Viernes, sábado, domingo.

Lesson 37 THE with DAYS of the week (part 1): Today is Thursday. On Thursday, I have to study. Tomorrow is Sunday. We play soccer on Sunday.

Lesson 38 VENIR (to come) present forms: vengo, vienes, viene, venimos, vienen….. come, comes.

Lesson 39 VENIR (to come) preterite forms: vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron….. came.

Lesson 40 VENIR (to come) preterite sents: I came from the airport. Felipe and Lupe came to the party. The doctor came to the hospital. Eduardo and I came in a new car.