2 F&C Video Lessons 46-60.

Lesson 46 VER (to see) preterite forms: vi, viste, vio, vimos, vieron….. saw.

Lesson 47 VER (to see) preterite sents: I saw María at 7:00. We saw the tall boys. He saw my house. You saw José at the party.

Lesson 48 2 sents205-208

Lesson 49 Hoy or Hay

Lesson 50 IR and VER preterite sents: I went to the bank with Blanca. I saw Amalia in the restaurant. Carlota went to the town. Celina saw Guillermo at the beach.

Lesson 51 TRAIN WRECK VERBS part 1: how to form 12 very important irregular preterite verbs.

Lesson 52 M words part 1

Lesson 53 TENER (to have) preterite sents: Yesterday, I had to study. Paco and Anita had a date. Elena and I had a very difficult exam. You had to speak with Ricardo.

Lesson 54 HOY vs. DÍA: Today is Tuesday

Lesson 55 Weather: hace calor, frío, sol, viento

Lesson 56 Accents 1: vowel, n, s,

Lesson 57 Accents 2 lizard

Lesson 58 PONER (to put, to place) present forms: pongo, pones, pone, ponemos, ponen….. put, puts.

Lesson 59 PONER (to put, to place) preterite forms: puse, pusisite, puso, pusimos, pusieron.

Lesson 60 PONER (to put, to place) preterite sents: I put the water in the glass. You put the book here. He put the things in his car. They put the money in Paco’s house.