2 F&C video Lessons 81-94.

Lesson 81 2 FC exam prep 01-04: What is your house like? My house is small and white. What is your family like? My family is big and nice.

Lesson 82 2 FC exam prep 05-08: Do you have a pet? Yes, I have a dog. What is your dog like? My dog is smart and fat.

Lesson 83 2 FC exam prep 09-12: What is there in your neighborhood? In my neighborhood, there is a pool and there are many trees. Why do you like the school? I like the school because the teachers are very nice.

Lesson 84 2 FC exam prep 13-16: What is your Spanish class like? My Spanish class is interesting and fun. What do you do at the mall? At the mall, I talk with my friends.

Lesson 85 2 FC exam prep 17-20: Why do you like tests? I like tests because I am very smart. Where do your brothers study? My brothers study in the library.

Lesson 86 2 FC exam prep 21-24: Does your mom like the mall? Yes, my mom likes the mall. Do you like to go to the mall? Yes, I like to go to the mall.

Lesson 87 2 FC exam prep 25-28: As a child, what was your house like? As a child, my house was small and white. As a child, what was your neighborhood like? As a child, my neighborhood was big and pretty.

Lesson 88 2 FC exam prep 29-32: As a child, what was your pet like? As a child, my dog was smart and fat. As a child, what was your brother like? As a child, my brother was tall and thin.

Lesson 89 2 FC exam prep 33-36: What did you (always) do with your brother? I always played soccer with my brother. What did you like to do with your parents? I liked to talk with my parents.

Lesson 90 2 FC exam prep 37-40: What did you eat (once) for breakfast? For breakfast, I ate bacon and eggs. What did your brother eat (once) for lunch? For lunch, my brother ate tacos.

Lesson 91 2 FC exam prep 41-44: What did your parents eat (once) for dinner? My parents ate steak and salad for dinner. When did you arrive to school today? I arrived to school at 7:00 today.

Lesson 92 2 FC exam prep 45-48: What did you drink today? I drank milk and juice today. Did you study today? Yes, I studied today.

Lesson 93 2 FC exam prep 49-52: Did your brother study on Sunday? No, my brother did not study on Sunday. Did you go to the movie theater on Saturday? No, I did not go to the movie theater on Saturday.

Lesson 94 2 FC exam prep 53-56: What did you do last Saturday? Last Saturday, I did my homework. What did your parents do last Thursday? Last Thursday, my parents went to a restaurant.