2 CL Video Lessons 1-15.

Lesson 1 2 CL 01-05: bathroom, lawn / grass, kitchen, dining room, hall / hallway….. baño, el césped, cocina, comedor, corridor.

Lesson 2 1 sents 05-08: In the fall, the trees are pretty. Many girls live here. Do you play soccer? Yes, I play soccer.

Lesson 3 PRESENT and PRETERITE: sents 01-06: He speaks to me. Yesterday, he spoke to me. You dance very well. You danced very well this morning. They travel to Chicago. Yesterday, they traveled to Chicago.

Lesson 4 ING: INTRO (present progressive)

Lesson 5 1 sents. 01-04: His houses are in St. Louis

Lesson 6 ING: IENDO.

Lesson 7 2 CL 06-10: room, bedroom (d), garage, bedroom (h)….. cuarto, dormitorio, el garaje, la habitación, el jardín

Lesson 8 PRESENT and PRETERITE: sents 07-12: We eat many tacos. Yesterday, we ate many tacos. She drinks a lot of milk. This morning, she drank a lot of milk. I eat many apples. Today, I ate many apples.

Lesson 9 ING overview… Spanish 1… It is snowing

Lesson 10 2 CL 11-15: office, living room, basement, floor, hallway….. oficina, sala, sótano, suelo, piso, pasillo.

Lesson 11 NUMBERS: primero, segundo, tercero, primer

Lesson 12 PRESENT and PRETERITE Sents 19-24: I see María.

Lesson 13 2 CL 16-20: bed, stove, oven, table, washer….. arreglar la cama, cortar el césped, deberes, lavar la ropa.

Lesson 14 COMER (to eat) preterite forms: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comieron….. ate.

Lesson 15 COMER (to eat) preterite sents: I ate the tacos. Ángela and Jesús ate my burrito. Carlos and I ate the apples. The tall girl ate the cheese.