2 CL Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 COMER (to eat) preterite forms: comí, comiste, comió, comimos, comieron….. ate.

Lesson 12 COMER (to eat) preterite sents: I ate the tacos. Ángela and Jesús ate my burrito. Carlos and I ate the apples. The tall girl ate the cheese.

Lesson 13 PRESENT and PRETERITE: sents 13-18: Every day, I look for my shoes. Yesterday, I looked for my shoes. I always arrive on time. This morning, I arrived on time. I eat lunch at 11:00. Today, I ate lunch at 11:00.

Lesson 14 2 CL 21-25: dishwasher, microwave, furniture, refrigerator, dryer….. lavaplatos, microondas, mueble, refrigerador, secador.

Lesson 15 2 CL 26-30: chair, arm chair, sofa, television, stomach….. silla, sillón, el sofá, el televisor, estómago.

Lesson 16 1 Sents 49-52: He is eating tacos. They are dancing now. What are you going to do today? I am going to eat three tacos.

Lesson 17 LLEGAR (to arrive) preterite forms: llegué, llegaste, llegó, llegamos, llegaron….. arrived.

Lesson 18 LLEGAR (to arrive) preterite sents: He arrived early. Anita and Carlos arrived late. I arrived with Paco. We arrived at 6:00.

Lesson 19 2 CL 31-35: throat, knee, ankle, allergy, pain….. garganta, rodilla, tobillo, alergia, dolor.

Lesson 20 PONER (to put, to place) preterite forms: puse, pusiste, puso, pusimos, pusieron….. put.