2 CL Video Lessons 31-45.

Lesson 31 2 CL 41-45: prescription (p), prescription (r), a cold, health, healthy….. prescripción, receta, resfriado, salud, sano.

Lesson 32 1 sent 53-56: What is your cat like? My cat is small and white. What do your friends do in the summer? My friends swim and play soccer.

Lesson 33 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT: sents 13-18: Every day, I look for my shoes. Yesterday, I looked for my shoes. I always arrive on time. This morning, I arrived on time. I eat lunch at 1:00. Today, I ate lunch at 11:00.

Lesson 34 2 CL 46-50: healthy, symptom, cough, utensils, knife….. saludable, el síntoma, la tos, cubiertos, cuchillo, cubrir.

Lesson 35 1 sents 65-68: What do you do with your friends? My friends and I play tennis. Do you use a pencil or an ink pen? I use a pencil.

Lesson 36 IR (to go) preterite sents: Lola went to the museum. I went to Isabel’s house. Enrique and I went to Julio’s house. Benito and Carlos went to the bank.

Lesson 37 2 CL 51-55: spoon, pepper, plate, salt, napkin….. cuchara, pimienta, plato, la sal, servilleta.

Lesson 38 ACCENTS 3: the accent mark, BANK

Lesson 39 1 sents 69-72: does Gloria sing well? No, Gloria does not sing well. What day is today? Today is Tuesday.

Lesson 40 BEBER (to drink) preterite sents: Enrique and I drank water. I drank a soda. Did you (sir) drink coffee? You guys drank a lot of tea.

Lesson 41 2 CL 56-60: cup, bowl, fork, glass, light….. taza, tazón, tenedor, vaso, luz.

Lesson 42 PODER (to Be Able) present forms: puedo, puedes, puede, Podemos, pueden.

Lesson 43 PERSONAL A: when to use it… I see the house

Lesson 44 LETTER A (alone) means many things: At 6:00. I see Anita. He walks to my house. She is going to dance.

Lettter 45 2 CL 61-65: arreglar la cama, cortar el césped, deberes, lavar la ropa