2 CL Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 PONER (to put, to place) preterite sents: I put the water in the glass. You put the book here. He put the things in the car. They put the money in Paco’s house.

Lesson 22 1 sents 37-40: How many brothers do you have? I have one brother and two sisters. Do they have a lot of homework? Yes, they have a lot of homework.

Lesson 23 2 CL 36-40: in shape, sickness, fever, flu, medicine….. en forma, la enfermedad, la fiebre, la gripe, medicina.

Lesson 24 A + EL = AL: I go to the house. We go to the river. He goes to the store. They go to the bank.

Lesson 25 IR (to go) preterite forms: fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fueron….. went.

Lesson 26 IR (to go) preterite sents: Lola went to the museum. I went to Isabel’s house. Enrique and I went to Julio’s house. Benito and Carlos went to the bank.

Lesson 27 2 CL 41-45: prescription (p), prescription (r), a cold, health, healthy….. prescripción, receta, resfriado, salud, sano.

Lesson 28 2 CL 46-50: healthy, symptom, cough, utensils, knife….. saludable, el síntoma, la tos, cubiertos, cuchillo, cubrir.

Lesson 29 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT: sents 01-06: Ángela helped me this afternoon. Ángela was helping me this afternoon. Javier and Édgar always danced with their girlfriends. Javier and Édgar danced with their girlfriends yesterday. This morning, I was studying with Diego. This morning, I studied with Diego.

Lesson 30 PETERITE and IMPERFECT: ooops… mistake… don’t do this one.