2 CL Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 BEBER (to drink) preterite sents: Enrique and I drank water. I drank a soda. Did you (sir) drink coffee? You guys drank a lot of tea.

Lesson 42 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT: sents 13-18: Every day, I look for my shoes. Yesterday, I looked for my shoes. I always arrive on time. This morning, I arrived on time. I eat lunch at 1:00. Today, I ate lunch at 11:00.

Lesson 43 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 19-24: On Thursday, Ramón went to the bank. Ramón always went to the bank on Thursdays. I was looking for my friends in the park. On Saturday, I looked for my friends in the park. This morning, Paco put the food in the kitchen. Paco always put the food in the kitchen.

Lesson 44 2 CL 71-75: to dust, chores, dirty, to work, yard / patio….. quitar el polvo, quehaceres, sucio, trabajar, patio.

Lesson 45 1 sents 93-96: My new jacket is expensive. Lupe has a pretty face. Would you like to eat a cookie? Yes, I would like to eat a cookie.

Lesson 46 1 sents 97-100: Do you study with your friends? Yes, I study with my friends. Where do you live? I live in Wentzville.

Lesson 47 DIRECTIONS part 1: close to, far from, to the right of, to the left of, underneath of / below….. cerca de, lejos de, a la derecha, izquierda, debajo de.

Lesson 48 LETTER A (alone) means many things: At 6:00. I see Anita. He walks to my house. She is going to dance.

Lesson 49 DIRECTIONS part 2: between, next to / beside, behind, on top of, over / above….. entre, al lado de, posterior, encima de, sobre.

Lesson 50 HOUSE VOCAB 01-05: mailbox, bar-b-que, front yard, laundry room, floor / story….. buzón, asador, patio delantero, lavadero, piso.