2 CL Video Lessons 51-58.

Lesson 51 CHORES 01-04: I worked in the garage. I made my bed. I did my chores. I helped my mom.

Lesson 52 CHORES 05-08: I washed the dishes. I cleaned the bathroom. I vacuumed the living room. I set the table.

Lesoon 53 BEDROOM vocab 1: dresses, shelf, rug / carpet, wall, curtains….. cómoda, estante, alfombra, pared, cortinas.

Lesson 54 BEDROOM vocab 2: closet, lamp, corner, award, alarm clock….. armario, lámpara, el rincón, premio, despertador.

Lesson 55 BATHROOM VOCAB 01-05: shower, toilet, to dry, dryer, bathtub, half bathroom….. ducha, inodoro, secadora, bañera, medio baño.

Lesson 56 HACER (to make, to do) preterite forms: hice, hiciste, hizo, hicimos, hicieron….. made, did.

Lesson 57 HACER preterite sents (homework): Did the girls do their homework? Yes, the girls did their homework. Did you do your chores? Yes, I did my chores.

Lesson 58 DE + EL = DEL: I take a picture of the boy. We take a picture of the girl. He takes a picture of the house. They take a picture of the river.