2 B&A Video Lessons 1-10

Lesson 1 2 BA 01-05: to go to bed, to shave one’s face, to shave one’s legs, to bathe oneself, to brush one’s hair…..acostarse, afeitarse, banarse, cepilarse.

Lesson 2 SECARSE (to dry off) present forms: me seco, te secas, se seca, nos secamos, se secan.

Lesson 3 SECARSE present sents (hands): She dries her hands. I dry my face. We dry our feet. the dry their hands….. dries off, dry off.

Lesson 4 2 BA 06-10: to brush one’s teeth, to cut one’s hair, to wake up, to fall asleep, to shower oneself….. cepillarse, cortarse, despertarse, dormirse, ducharse.

Lesson 5 SENTARSE (to sit down) present forms: me siento, te sientas, se sienta, nos sentamos, se sientan….. sit, sits.

Lesson 6 1 sents 73-76: Who is your best friend? My best friend is Julio. What do you do in the library? I study in the library.

Lesson 7 1 sents 77-80: Can you go to the park today? Yes, I can go to the park today. What do you do on Saturdays? I visit with my friends on Saturdays.

Lesson 8 2 BA 11-15: to leave, to wash one’s hair, to wash one’s face, to wash one’s hands, to get up….. irse, lavarse, levantarse, manos, cara, pelo.

Lesson 9 SENTARSE (to sit down) present sent: Ramón and his siter sit down when they study. Manolo, do you sit down on Paco’s chair? I always sit down on the floor. Gloria never sits down on her bed. Elena and I sit on the sofa every night.

Lesson 10 2 BA 16-20: to put make-up on oneself, to comb one’s hair, to put on oneself, to become / to get, to stay / to keep / to remain….. ponerse, maquillaje, peinarse, quedarse.