2 B&A Video Lessons 11-20

Lesson 11 DESPERTARSE (to wake oneself up) present forms: me despierto, te despiertas, se despierta, nos despertamos, se despiertan….. wake up, wakes up.

Lesson 12 1 sents 05-08: In the fall, the trees are pretty. Many girls live here. Do you play soccer? Yes, I play soccer.

Lesson 13 1 sents 97-100: Do you study with your friends? Yes, I study with my friends. Where do you live? I live in Wentzville.

Lesson 14 PRESENT and PRETERITE: sents 13-18: Every day, I look for my shoes. Yesterday, I looked for my shores. I always arrive on time. This morning, I arrived on time. I eat lunch at 11:00. Today, I ate lunce at 11:00.

Lesson 15 2 BA 21-25: daily routine, to dry oneself, to feel, to dress oneself, bathtub….. rutina diaria, secarse, sentirse, vestirse, bañera.

Lesson 16 2 sents 125-128: When do you get up on Saturdays? I get up at 9:00 on Saturdays. Who does Antonio study with? Antonio studies with his girlfriend Isabel.

Lesson 17 HACER (to make, to do)- homework: Did the girls do their homework? Yes, the girls did their homework. Did you do your chores? Yes, I did my chores.

Lesson 18 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: On Tuesday, I arrived early. On Tuesdays, I always arrived early. She ate a Taco at 5:15. She was eating tacos when I arrived. You guys always drank sodas. Yesterday, you guys drank sodas.

Lesson 19 2 BA 26-30: shower, mirror, sink, toilet….. ducha, espejo, lavabo, lavamanos, inodoro.

Lesson 20 ACOSTARSE (to lie down) present forms: me acuesto, te acuestas, se acuesta, nos acostamos, se acuestan….. lie down, lies down, go to bed, goes to bed.