2 B&A Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 SECARSE (TO DRY OFF) preterite sents- face: This morning, she dried her face with a towel. Yesterday, I dried off after a bath. This afternoon, we had to dry our hair. They dried their hands quickly.

Lesson 32 2 FC Exam prep 49-52: Did your brother study on Sunday? No, my brother did not study on Sunday. Did you go to the movie theater on Saturday? No, I did not go to the movie theater on Saturday.

Lesson 33 2 BA 51-55: late, early, art, artist, painting….. tarde, temprano, arte, artista, cuadro.

Lesson 34 DESPERTARSE (to wake up) preterite forms: me desperté, te despertaste, se despertó, nos despertamos, se despertaron….. woke up.

Lesson 35 DAILY ROUTINE yo preterite sents: Today, I woke up at 6:10. I got up at 6:20. I showered quickly and shaved. I brushed my teeth and combed my hair. I got dresses.

Lesson 36 1 sents 81-84: Do you sing well? Yes, I sing very well. Where does Felipe study? Felipe studies in the library.

Lesson 37 2 BA 56-60: statue, monument, work of art, painter, abstract….. estauta, monumento, obra de arte, pintor, abstracto.

Lesson 38 2 sents 245-248: Did you shower this morning? Yes, I showered this morning. When did Anita and Andrés arrive? Anita and Andrés arrived at 7:12 in the afternoon.

Lesson 39 PRESENT and PRETERITE sents 19-24: I see María. I saw María today. She sees me now. She saw me yesterday. Cisco and I go to the store. This afternoon, Cisco and I went to the store.

Lesson 40 2 BA 61-65: colorful, modern, dark, realistic, bright (color)….. colorido, moderno, oscuro, realístico, vivo.