2 B&A Video Lessons 41-50.

Lesson 41 2 sents 193-196: Did you put on a shirt? Yes, I put on a shirt. Did Juan go to bed already? Yes, Juan went to bed already.

Lesson 42 2 FC exam prep 53-56: What did you do last Saturday? Last Saturday, I did my homework. What did your parents do last Thursday? Last Thursday, my parents went to a restaurant.

Lesson 43 1 BA 01-05: blouse, sockds, t-shirt, jeans, short pants….. blusa, calcetines, camiseta, pantalones cortos.

Lesson 44 CLOTHING 01-05: pants, shoes, belt, suit, dress….. pantalones, zapatos, cinturón, traje, vestido.

Lesson 45 REFLEXIVE sents 19-24 (magnets): They dress themselves. They are going to dress themselves. I shower quickly. I have to shower quickly. He shaves every day. He wants to shave every day.

Lesson 46 1 sents 61-64: Where are your parents from? My parents are from Vermont. Who is richer, you or your best friend? I am richer than my best friend.

Lesson 47 2 FC exam prep 45-48: What did you drink today? I drank mild and juice today. Did you study today? Yes, I studied today.

Lesson 48 1 BA 06-10: sandals, sweatshirt, sweater, ring, glasses….. sandalias, sudadera, el suéter, anillo, anteojos.

Lesson 49 2 FC exam prep 41-44: What did your parents eat (once) for dinner? My parents ate steak and salad for dinner. When did you arrive to school today? I arrived to school at 7:00 today.

Lesson 50 2 FC exam prep 33-36: What did you (always) do with your brother? I always played soccer with my brother. What did you (always) like to do with your parents? I always liked to talk with my parents.