2 B&A Video Lessons 51-60.

Lesson 51 1 BA 11-15: earrings, purse / bag, scarf, necklace, glasses….. los aretes, bolso, bolsa, bufanda, el collar, gafas.

Lesson 52 2 sents 237-240: Did you dry your hair? Yes, I dried my hair. Did Victoria wash her (own) face? Yes, Victoria washed her own face.

Lesson 53 2 FC exam prep 29-32: As a child, what was you pet like? As a child, my dog was smart and fat. As a child, what was your brother like? As a child, my brother was tall and thin.

Lesson 54 1 sents 49-52: He is eating tacos. They are dancing now. What are you going to do today? I am going to eat three tacos.

Lesson 55 CLOTHING 06-10: skirt, tie, sleeve, boots, shirt….. falda, corbata, manga, botas, camisa.

Lesson 56 2 FC exam prep 25-28: As a child, what was your house like? As a child, my house was small and white. As a child, what was your neighborhood like? As a child, my neighborhood was big and pretty.

Lesson 57 1 BA 16-20: cap, jewelry, bracelet, yellow, orange….. gorra, joyas, pulsera, amarillo, anaranjado, naranja.

Lesson 58 1 sents 65-68: What do you do with your friends? My friends and I play tennis. Do you use a pencil or a pen? I use a pencil.

Lesson 59 1 sents 37-40: How many brothers do you have? I have one brother and two sisters. Do they have a lot of homework? Yes, they have a lot of homework.

Lesson 60 1 BA 21-25: blue, white, brown, color, gray….. azul, blanco, café, el color, gris.