2 B&A Video Lessons 61-64.

Lesson 61 2 FC exam prep 17-20: Why do you like tests? I like tests, because I am very smart. Where do your brothers study? My brothers study in the library.

Lesson 62 2 FC exam prep 13 -16: What is your Spanish class like? My Spanish class is interesting and fun. What do you do at the mall? At the mall, I talk with my friends.

Lesson 63 2 FC exam prep 09-12: What is there in your neighborhood? In my neighborhood, there is a pool and there are many trees. Why do you like the school? I like the school, because the teachers are very nice.

Lesson 64 VENIR (to come) preterite sents: vine, viniste, vino, vinimos, vinieron….. came.