2 GC Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 2 GC 16-20: shortage (e), sterotype, excess, lack / shortage (f), homelessness…..escasez, esterotipo, exceso, falta, falta de vivienda.

Lesson 12 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 01-06: Ángela helped me this afternoon. Ángela was helping me this afternoon. Javier and Édgar always danced with their girlfriends. Javier and Édgar danced with their girlfriends yesterday. This morning, I was studying with Diego. This morning, I studied with Diego.

Lesson 13 PRESENT and PRETERITE: sents 13-18:Every day, I look for my shoes. Yesterday, I looked for my shoes. I always arrive on time. This morning, I arrived on time. I eat lunch at 11:00. Today, I ate lunch at 11:00.

Lesson 14 2 GC 21-25: government, war, hunger, equality, starvation….. gobierno, guerra, la hambre, la igualdad, la inanición.

Lesson 15 1 GC 01-05: air, water, trash, bottle, contamination / pollution….. aire, agua, basura, botella, contaminación.

Lesson 16 ESTAR (to be located, to be feeling) preterite forms: estuve, estuviste, estuvo, estuvimos, estuvieron….. were.

Lesson 17 ESTAR (to be located) preterite sents: They were in the bank for twenty minutes. I was in the pool for three hours. Consuelo and I were at the party all day. Felipe was in Peru for two months.

Lesson 18 2 GC 26-30: just / fair, unjust / unfair, thief, law….. justo, injusto, el ladrón, la ladrona, la ley.

Lesson 19 1 GC 06-10: energy, electricity, ecological, fire (f), fire (i)….. energía, electricidad, ecológico, fuego, incendio.

Lesson 20 PRONOUNS TE: You have your book. He sees you. He talks to you. You dress yourself / you get dressed.