2 GC Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 2 GC 31-35: liberty, fine ($), nutrition, peace, population….. la libertad, multa, la nutrición, la pa, la población.

Lesson 22 1 GC 11-15: flood, can / tin can, environment, metal, nature….. la inundación, lata, el medioambiente, el metal, naturalez.

Lesson 23 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents. 37-42: He likes to sing. As a child, he liked to sing. He plays soccer with his friends. He was playing soccer with his friends. He is able to dance well. As a child, he was able to dance well.

Lesson 24 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 13-18: On Wednesday, she played soccer. As a child, she played soccer on Wednesdays. On Saturday, I slept on the sofa. When Marco arrived, I was sleeping on the sofa. Pancho always ate lunch with Rafael. This afternoon, Pancho atel lunch with Rafael.

Lesson 25 2 GC 36-40: poverty, prejudice, racism, race, natural resources….. pobreza, prejuicio, racismo, raza, los recursos naturales.

Lesson 26 1 GC 16-20: ocean, paper, plastic, plant, to recycle….. océano, el papel, plástico, planta, reciclar.

Lesson 27 PRONOUNS direct object LO: I see Paco. I see him. I see the book. I see it. I see you sir.

Lesson 28 PERSONAL A -NOT with LO LA: I help Paco. I help him. We see Eva. We see her. He looks for the boys. He looks for them. Enrique kissed the girls. Enrique kissed them.

Lesson 29 2 GC 41-45: wealty, homeless, solution, tolerance, violence….. riqueza, sin hogar, la solución, tolerancia, violencia.

Lesson 30 1 GC 21-25: jungle, earth / land, earthquake, tornado, glass (as in “made of”)….. selva, tierra, terremoto, tornado, vidrio.