2 GC Video Lessons 31-40.

Lesson 31 CONDUCIR (to drive) preterite forms: conduje, condujiste, condujo, condjuimos, condujeron.

Lesson 32 CONDUCIR (to drive) preterite sents: Our neighbor drove to the store. You drove to the beach. I drove to the bank. We drove to the hospital.

Lesson 33 2 GC 46-50: to accept, to commit, to discriminate, to elect / to choose / to select….. aceptar, cometer, discriminar, elegir, escoger.

Lesson 34 1 GC 26-31: it is cloudy, it is warm, it is cool, temperature, weather, storm….. está nublado, hace calentito, hace fresco, temperatura, tiempo, tormenta.

Lesson 35 Pronouns NOS: He sees us. He talks to us. We dress ourselves (We get dressed).

Lesson 36 2 GC 51-55: to be wrong, to fight, to kill, to lie, to die….. estar equivocado, pelear, matar, mentir, morir.

Lesson 37 NATURE 01-05: river, sun, ocean, tree, countryside….. río, el sol, el mar, el árbol, campo.

Lesson 38 PRONOUNS (FEMALE): she, to her, her, it, herself….. ella, le, la, se.

Lesson 39 PRONOUNS direct object LA: I see the girl. I see her. I see it. I see you ma’am.

Lesson 40 2 sents. 197-200: Did you see Anita? Yes, I saw Anita. Yes, I saw her. She saw me this morning.