2 GC Video Lessons 41-48.

Lesson 41 2 GC 56-60: to break, to deny, to be right / to be correct, to live, to vote….. romper, negar, tener razón, vivir, votar.

Lesson 42 PRONOUNS (MALE): He, to him, him, it, himself….. Él, le, lo, se.

Lesson 43 ooops… mistake… don’t watch this one.

Lesson 44 2 GC exam prep 01-05: to fight, to die, to support, together, business….. pelear, morir, murio, apoyar, juntos, empresa.

Lesson 45 NATURE 06-10: forest, flower, mountain, island, sky / heaven,,,,, bosque, flor, montaña, isla, cielo.

Lesson 46 2 GC exam prep 06-10: that which, dead, this, to exist, the others / the rest…..lo que, muertos, esta, esto, existir, los demás.

Lesson 47 NATURE 11-15: moon, wave, desert, lake, grass….. luna, ola, desierto, lago, hierba.

Lesson 48 IR and VERpreterite sents: I went to the bank with Blanca. I saw Amilia in the reataurant. Carlota went to the town. Celina saw Guillermo at the beach.