2 S&T Video Lessons 11-20.

Lesson 11 ING (present progressive) IENDO: overview.

Lesson 12 ING: ER and IR VERBS: I am eating tacos. She is drinking water. They are living here. We are living in México.

Lesson 13 2 ST 16-20: journalist, press, radio, report / article….. periodista, prensa, la radio, el reportaje.

Lesson 14 1 ST 16-20: computer (o), web page, screen, touch screen, mouse….. ordenador, página web, pantalla, pantalla táctil, el ratón.


Lesson 16 COMPARISONS part 2 sents: You are older than my uncle. I am younger than José. He is better than the girls. Spanish is worse than Math.

Lesson 17 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 31-36: His name is Geofredo. His name was Geofredo. He is 9 years old. He was 9 years old. He is taller than his sister. He was taller than his sister.

Lesson 18 2 ST 21-25: reporter, magazine, headlines, ticket, comedy….. reportero, revista, titulares, boleto, comedia.

Lesson 19 1 ST 21-25: social networking, the web site, tablet, keyboard, technology….. las redes sociales, el sitio web, tableta, teclado, tecnología.

Lesson 20 PRONOUNS: LE – say it twice (when you hear the word to… 2 times)