2 S&T Video Lessons 21-30.

Lesson 21 2 sents. 17-20: Yesterday, I spoke to him. Yesterday, he spoke to me. Enrique always studied. María was studying.

Lesson 22 2 ST 26-30: funny, critic, documentary, drama, dramatic….. cómico, crítico, el documental, drama, dramático.

Lesson 23: skip this one.

Lesson 24 1 sents 121-124: What are your best friends names? My best friends are named Paco and Anita. Are you as tall as your mother? I am taller than my mother.

Lesson 25 PRESENT TENSE SENTS 13-16: Anita is with her grandmother. I am as smart as my cousins. There is a book on the floor. There are many houses in my neighborhood.

Lesson 26 2 ST 31-35: ticket, entertainment, foreign, action movie, mystery movei….. entrada, boleto, entretenimiento, extranjero, película de acción, misterio.

Lesson 27 1 ST 31-35: to research, to charge / to load, to chat (c), to send…..buscar información, cargar, charlar, chatear, enviar.

Lesson 28 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: On Tuesday, I arrived early. On Tuesdays, I always arrived early. She ate a taco at 5:15. She was eating tacos, when I arrived. You guys always drank sodas. Yesterday, you guys drink sodas.

Lesson 29 1 sents 49-52: He is eating tacos. They are dancing now. What are you going to do today? I am going to eat three tacos.

Lesson 30 3 ST 36-40: suspense movie, scary movie, romantic movie, game show, soap opera….. película de suspenso, terror, romántica, programa de concursos, telenovela.