2 S&T Video Lessons 31-41.

Lesson 31 1 ST 36-40: to function, to click, to print, to send, to surf (the internet)….. funcionar, hacer un click, imprimir, mandar, navegar (en internet).

Lesson 32 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 13-18: On Wednesday, she played soccer. As a child, she played soccer on Wednesdays. On Saturday, I slept on the sofa. When Marco arrived, I was sleeping on the sofa. Pancho always ate lunch with Rafael. This afternoon, Pancho ate lunch with Rafael.

Lesson 33 2 ST 41-45: reality T.V., to announce, to start / to begin, to communicate, to count….. telerealidad, anunciar, comenzar, comunicar, contar.

Lesson 34 1 ST 41-45: to turn on, to post / to publish, to receive, co continue / to follow, to ring….. prender, publicar, recibir, seguir, sonar.

Lesson 35 PRETERITE and IMPERFECT sents 19-24: On Thursday, Ramón went to the bank. Ramón always went to the bank on Thursdays. I was looking for my friends in the park today. On Saturday, I looked for my friends in the park. This morning, Paco put the food in the kitchen. Paco always put the food in the kitchen.

Lesson 36 2 ST 46-50: to create, to believe, to describe, to distribute, to last, to start / to begin….. crear, creer, describir, distribuir, durar, empezar.

Lesson 37 1 ST 46-50: to use, application, file, fast / rapid, rapidly….. usar, la aplicación, archivo, rápido, rapidamente.

Lesson 38 2 ST 51-55: to entertain, to exist, to record, to inform, to seem / to appear….. entretener, existir, grabar, informar, parecer.

Lesson 39 1 ST 51-55: to open, to download, to erase, to change, to charge / to load….. abrir, bajar, borrar, cambiar, cargar.

Lesson 40 TIME – HALF PAST and QUARTER AFTER: It is 2:15. It is quarter after two. It is 2:30. It is half past two.

Lesson 41 2 ST 56-58: to post / to publish, to remember, to terminate / to finish / to end….. publicar, recordar, terminar.