3 PPI Video Lessons 1-10.

Lesson 1 QUESTION WORDS: who, what, why, when, how many, where, how….. quién, qué, por qué, cuándo, cuánto, dónde, cómo.

Lesson 2 QUESTIONS word order: verb then subject.

Lesson 3 3 PPI 01-05: caring / affectionate, liar, fleeting / passenger, anxious, friendship….. cariñoso, mentiroso, pasajero, ansioso, Amistad.

Lesson 4 ADJECTIVES part 1: yoda introduction

Lesson 5 SER (to be) present forms: soy, eres, es, somos, son….. is, am, are.

Lesson 6 intro. 73-76: She is a short girl. He is a tall boy. María is a good boy. Paco is a bod boy.

Lesson 7 3 PPI 06-10: gossip, to forget, upset, to be ashamed / to be embarrassed….. chisme, olvidar, disgustado, avergonzado, vergüenza.

Lesson 8 ESTAR (to be located, to be feeling) present forms: estoy, estás, está, estamos, están… is, am, are.

Lesson 9 intro 69-72: The tall girls are pretty. The short boys are smart. We are from Missouri. Anita and I dance well.

Lesson 10 ESTAR: present sents: Pablo and Juan are in the bank. I am in the pool. Consuelo and I are at the party. Felipe is in Perú.