3 PPI Video Lessons. 101-114.

Lesson 101 2 PPI 21-25: lifeguard, victim, embarrassed, tired, artistic…..salvavidas, víctims, avergonzado, cansado, artístico.

Lesson 102 2 PPI 26-30: jealous, fashionable, depressed, dishonest, messy / unorganized….. celoso, de moda, deprimido, deshonesto, desordenado.

Lesson 103 3 sents 29-32: Who do you count on? I count on my boyfriend because he is trustworthy. Who do you trust? Why? I trust my girlfriend, because she is honest.

Lesson 104 PRESENT and IMPERFECT sents 07-12: Her name is Juanita. Her name was Juanita. She is 13 years old. She was 13 years old. She is happy. She was happy.

Lesson 105 commands 13…no tú car, gar, zar

Lesson 106 desordenado, educado, estar de buen humor, entusiasmado, estresado

Lesson 107 2 PPI 36-40: strange, liar, honest, organized / tidy….. extraño, mentiroso, honesto, ordenado, organizado.

Lesson 108 p2 PPI 41-45: lazy, preoccupied, surprised, talented, unique….. erezoso, preocupado, sorprendido, talentoso, único.

Lesson 109 3 sents 33-36: What is your soulmate like? My soulmate Enrique is smart and sincere. What do you deserve? Why? I deserve an honest girlfriend, because I don’t lie.

Lesson 110 3 sents 37-40: How do you feel today? Why? I feel happy today, because I am with my boyfriend. When you are in a relationship, are you faithful? When I am in a relationship, I am faithful and I do not flirt.

Lesson 111 DESPERTARSE preterite sents: Last Tuesday, Mateo woke up early. This morning, I woke up on time. Vincinte and his brother woke up late. On Sunday, we woke up slowly.

Lesson 112 1 sents. 77-80: Can you go to the part today? Yes, I can go to the park today. What do you do on Saturdays? I visit with my friends on Saturdays.

Lesson 113 3 It was 4:00, when I saw Felipe. As a child, I studied a lot. The girls were happy when I bought it. Yesterday, she took a bath. sents 65-68: eran las cuatro, vi, de niño, estaban, se bañó.

Lesson 114 3 sents 41-44: We (girls) always ate. Ana and Juanito were eating. Felipe and Andrés always drank water.